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Cluckles Stardust
Cluckles Stardust Attested Legacy Verified Collection 👑
NFT Information NFT Information
Collection Name Attested Legacy
Policy ID bd4a2aceb429130508396e0418c7911ab08358174d1ba335fd8386c5
Royalty 1.6%
Description Introducing Cluckles Stardust, the fearless blue chicken space captain soaring through intergalactic hen-stellations. With cosmic feathers and an eggstraordinary command, Cluckles navigates the cosmos, leading a feathery crew in search of eggstra-terrestrial adventures. Known for her peckuliar charm and eggsplosive maneuvers, she's the clucky commander forging a feathered legacy among the stars.
Fingerprint asset1whslgdatcq0796mkjw8wu0cpfn0vqzza72fvf6
Last Sale Price ₳ 15
Last Sale Time Fri Dec 15 2023