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Bruce Lee 50th Tribute #8999
Bruce Lee 50th Tribute #8999 👑
NFT Information NFT Information
Policy ID afdab2e08ca24e30e1d9cd9d479fd47969909a028d0426e0e5f762e2
Royalty 5%
Description The Cyber Collection marks Bruce Lee’s first-ever Metaverse appearance while offering his fans an immersive digital experience to engage with the legend. It is created to pay homage to and activate the official Bruce Lee 50th Tribute event in Byte City. Each playable avatar serves as a digital relic, immortalizing the essence of Bruce Lee’s legacy whose impact on the world continues to resonate, transcending time and technology.
Fingerprint asset1h9n5x2pef88vr7qqexmtlulezd9kavnd5aju9r