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Amulet of Influence #5726
Amulet of Influence #5726 👑
NFT Information NFT Information
Policy ID 6c0394ebf4b6d7ed9709cf901863c254448a40785819a57f7c39a130
Royalty 10.5%
Description Long ago in the Dark Ages, a great Grand Wizard forged the Amulet of Influence through perilous times. Passed through generations of high sorcerers, this amulet is said to be imbued with magical properties that grant its wearer the ability to harness and repurpose the life essence of nearby entities. As its egg-like center spins, all nearby lifeforms are influenced to carry out the bearer’s bidding.
Fingerprint asset1ausfdjwgxdgtj4vgtufnh8fpfxa0ylvgcgcray