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TETE #0627
TETE #0627 TETE Verified Collection 👑
Starting Bid
₳ 1 $0
Ending In
6 d 17 h
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Auction Information Auction Information
Seller qye8td...7h25ql
Start Price ₳ 1
Total Bids 0
NFT Information NFT Information
Collection Name TETE
Policy ID 56058c33259a5dba29b488068813a49cb64b1047e615769ac127fe1c
Royalty 8%
Description What is Money? Paper only.
Fingerprint asset10lmu45xhr9enwxnyy2h9v7djrqtkuwrvdeqkhp
Last Sale Price ₳ 5
Last Sale Time Tue Mar 05 2024